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Common misspelling: Class: clase, classe, Klasse, calss, clas, classs, clases, clss, classe, cass. Dance: danza, danc, dane, Tanz, dnace, dence, dacne, dancen, dan, dande, dnaces, dancw, dacnce, fance, sanse. Instructional: instructivo, istruzione, Unterricht, instrucitonal, instuctional, insturctional, intructional, instruciotnal, instructinal, instrcutional, instrutional, insitutional, instructioanl, instrucational, instructiona, instrucional, instructinoal, instructural, istructional, insructional, instucational, instructioal, isntructional. Lesson: leccion, lezione, lecon, Lektion, lession, leason, leson, lessson, leasson, lesso, leeson, lessoon, lesoon. Party: partido, Partei, partie, partito, pary, partys, paty, partty, aprty, parrty, prty, praty, perty, partry, parth. Video: vidoe, vidio, viedo, vido, vedio, vidieo, videio, vid, vdieo, vedeo, ideo. Wedding: boda, matrimonio, mariage, Hochzeit, weding, weddign, weddding, weddng, weddin, wedidng, weedding, weading, wediing, wedinng, weddiing.

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• Wedding Dance Lessons Instruction DVD

Wedding Dances
Teresa Mason
Acclaimed dance instructor Teresa Mason's newest instructional video teaches everything the bride and groom will need to know to dance at their wedding. Highlights the basic steps needed to make the wedding couple totally confident for their "First Dance". Also includes dance instruction for the dance with the father of the bride, as well as other dance tips for members of the wedding party. This year will bring many weddings, and Teresa Mason's Wedding Dances is the perfect video to prepare for that special day! 70 mins. (DVD-2004)
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Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Wedding Dances

Invitation to Dance Wedding Dance
Kyle and Susan Webb
DVD Video and Wedding Music CD Set. Learn how to dance in the privacy of your home with nationally recognized dance professionals Kyle and Susan Webb. Their acclaimed teaching method has worked for tens of thousands of dance students worldwide. This program prepares you for your wedding day dance. Choose from three simple dance styles and routines, Waltz, Slow Dance or Rumba. Kyle and Susan have put together three lovely but simple routines that are guaranteed to make you look and feel great on your very special day with their easy to follow instruction. Also included, a music CD with 13 wedding songs: Canon in D Minor; Fanfare; Jesu Joy; Trumpet Tune; Bridal Chorus; Ava Maria; Wedding March; Largo; Adagio Cantabile; Winter - Four Seasons; Adagio Cantabile; I will Always Love You; Everything I Do.
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Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Invitation to Dance Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance Deluxe System
2 disc set. is one of the worlds premier dancing websites. Founded in 1996, as, DanceCrazy was born of a passion to dance, and a desire to show others how fantastic dancing can be. As our first instructor told us, it will change your life. Give dancing a try, and youll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself youve always wanted to set free. Weve created many high quality DVDs to showcase how easy and fun dancing can be, and to prove that you (yes, YOU), can do it too. With exciting music, a rich history, and unbeatable, intoxicating, rhythms, you will learn to dance. We guarantee it. Whether you want to learn Wedding, Latin, or Ballroom dancing, weve got you covered. DanceCrazy Presents: The Wedding Dance Deluxe System for Beginners. Learn to dance at your wedding. Waltz, Swing, Rumba, and Foxtrot On Two Comprehensive DVDs. No Experience Necessary. DanceCrazy presents the perfect instructional guide to your first wedding dance, and your first dance as husband and wife. With complete preparation for each dance (Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba), we also include an enormous amount of extra material to cover every aspect of your dance. Every question you have will be answered with our in-depth discussion and overview of key concepts and practices that pertain to dancing at your wedding. We take you step by step through each dance, break everything down for you, dance it with you together to real music, and finally give you additional tips for success. We even put together some great patterns for you to take with you onto the dance floor. DanceCrazys Wedding DVDs are for even the absolute beginner. Never danced before in your life? No coordination? Afraid to dance in front of everyone at your wedding? Thats exactly what were here for. "I bought this dvd package because I wanted to learn how to dance for my wedding. Ive never been that comfortable dancing free-form, so I thought learning a structured dance would be best for me. These videos definitely show you everything and explain all the dance moves in a well organized way. The instructors gave lots of details and moved at an easy pace so it wasnt difficult to get all the steps straight. Using these videos was so helpful and Im glad I did it." "With this video, yes you can. Very easy to follow with instructions that are visually reinforced. Even a guy with two left feet, like me, can learn to be the dance king. I taught my wife a few simple steps and we became the hit of the wedding party as we foxtrotted and waltzed all over the floor. Comments I got were, "Where did you learn to dance like that?" and "I didnt know you could dance like that.". One hint, though: Get this video early - dont wait until the week before your wedding like I did. You need at least a month of practice for all of the steps to become easy. If you apply yourself just a half hour each night, you can really get the basics down pat. Enjoy. Make Fred and Ginger envious."
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Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Wedding Dance Deluxe System

Wedding Day Dancing
Elaine Bayless (Actor), Chris Reilly (Actor)
" The pace of instruction is so unhurried that even the most awkward student will not feel left behind." "For anyone who’s dancing is rusty, Wedding Day Dancing provides and easy to follow cure. " "Wedding Day Dancing is a hit with our brides and grooms" The DVD includes basic instruction in the waltz, foxtrot,jitterbug.The dancers clearly demonstrate the moves while a narrator describes them. This program is aimed for brides and grooms preparing for their reception. a must for brides and grooms to be. "This was a great purchase. While we didnt watch the whole thing, we were able to go to the exact chapters we wanted and pick out specific steps for our wedding dance. I recommend it." "Rather than just slow dance at celebrations, my husband and I decided to learn an alternative - the Foxtrot. This DVD makes it easy to learn not only the basic moves of the foxtrot but also some very easy but sophisticated moves. We have not watched the other dances on the DVD and you have to ignore the absurd ill fitting bridal gown the woman initially wears. It even comes with a list of popular songs which work with the different dances to make it easy to practice. I would recommend this DVD.
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$54.95 • Free Shipping
Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Wedding Day Dancing

Striptease for Brides
Jo Weldon
Striptease for Brides: How to Strip out of Your Wedding Dress and Other Honeymoon Games is a light-hearted and inspiring instructional program created by Jo Weldon, New York City-based burlesque star and the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. Jo has performed as a headliner in gentlemens clubs and as a burlesque star on spectacular variety stages around the world. She has also taught hundreds of striptease and burlesque classes to bachelorettes. In Striptease for Brides Jo generously shares a wealth of techniques you can use to create unforgettable moments of romance, sensuality, and humor on your wedding night, honeymoon or at a bachelorette party. Striptease for Brides opens with two classes on How Striptease Works. The Basics section explains how elements of acting and body language create a progression of sensual moments that make striptease enjoyable and sophisticated. Jo is filmed walking into a bar and taking off her gloves, hat, scarf and coat in a way that makes this sequence an unmistakable act of striptease, even though there is no hint of nudity. The second class, Technique and Showmanship, teaches secrets of stage performance that turn undressing into an art form, producing a flawless show, whether for an intimate occasion or a public performance. In the Wedding Gown Striptease Technique section Jo teaches how to gracefully peel off layers of bridal clothing - the dress, lingerie and accessories, including handling the challenges of different gown styles - the modern slender gown, the fluffy princess-style gown, and a formidable vintage gown billowing with beaded lace and presenting challenges of hidden snaps and hooks. Gloves, veils, corsets, stockingsâ ¦after watching this segment (and rehearsing a bit in the privacy of your bedroom) you will be an expert on shedding all these items with the elegance and sensuality of a movie star. As a special offering for a bachelorette event, Jo will also teach you how to gracefully strip out of the grooms suit, and what to wear underneath to make this act irresistibly sexy, funny, and memorable. The last section of the program opens the door to exploring sensuality through intimate show vignettes - an artistic bondage (or self-bondage) act, and a bath - shower show for the eyes of your lover. The bondage technique is based on Shibari, an ancient Japanese art form of rope bondage. It allows to introduce an exciting yet safe edge to intimate times together. The bath show is a series of specific movements, body angles and gestures performed while bathing in a tub or a shower, turning your bath into an intimate sensual performance. These techniques have roots in the long history of burlesque bathing beauty acts, including Lili St. Cyr and her famous glass bathtub. The richness of modern wedding culture offers brides and their friends endless outlets for creatively exploring beauty and sensuality. Whether you are planning a bachelorette party, a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your partner, or a photojournalistic-style shoot to capture special moments like trying on your wedding dress, the techniques and tips taught in Striptease for Brides will make these creative events flawless and truly memorable. This instructional video contains no nudity.
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$44.95 • Free Shipping
Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Striptease for Brides

Your Wedding Dance easy classic slow dance
christel trutmann (Actor), kurt lichtmann (Actor), kurt lichtmann (Director)
YOUR WEDDING DANCE: easy classic slow dance. Why has our DVD been riding at #1 best seller on Amazon for several months? Why are couples saying that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST Wedding Dance Instructional DVD on the market? FIRST: we directly address the needs of total beginners, who really just want to learn enough for a slow romantic first dance, that next step, beyond the common Hug and Wobble. Unlike almost all current wedding dance DVDs, we focus on exactly what you want: the romantic slow dance. We don t try to teach you five ballroom dances that hardly ever get played at weddings. We have been helping wedding couples for years: our method works. SECOND: We realize that you are not training for a dance competition: it is your wedding day, and you are dancing with your lover. There is a vast difference between relaxed romantic SOCIAL dance and COMPETITION, although it is fun to show off a little bit. THIRD: many people cannot dance to the beat, the rhythm of the music. No prob: dancing to the music or not, we show you how to have a fun and impressive bridal dance, and as you will see, we have a lot of fun doing it. This is the ONLY wedding dance DVD that helps even when - Our wedding is in TWO weeks... You say , I can t hear the rhythm of the music. I am worried about stepping on her gown? - I look and feel kind of stiff... . Kurt and Christel show you how to: - recover after you mess up - practice efficiently - practice together without fighting - select clothes and shoes - execute dips safely - look good and have fun. "With this DVDs guidance, we prepared and a dance to "To Die For", a beautiful song by The Birthday Massacre. Our dance was made up entirely from steps taught on the DVD. The steps fit perfectly and we rehearsed every day until our wedding. My only regret is not getting video of the first dance - we completely stunned our guests. We didnt tell anyone what we had planned, not even my mom who surprised us with a ton of balloons as a "distraction". She thought wed be nervous and shy about dancing. Instead, everyone is still talking about our first dance 2 weeks later. It is literally the one thing EVERYONE remembers about the reception. Even better, the steps learned from the DVD carried on through the rest of nights dancing, too. We looked great dancing to everything. My parents were floored by how well my husband and I were dancing. Honestly, I was too. Ive never had such a great time dancing before in my life. Your Wedding Dance DVD is a miracle worker.. I cant thank them enough." "This is a terrific video for those who feel they cannot dance. My husband has been told to stay away from the dance floor all his life, but thanks to this video both of us can really get up and dance. The video begins with how to stand and hold each other and how to relax. Its that basic. The next lesson is a step by step demonstration of some basic steps. Then the couple show how to add to those steps with some turns and what to do with a faster beat. The whole learning process is clearly presented. We learned by using the pause button and slow motion for just a few minutes each night. The video gives music suggestions and a little history for extra tidbits of information. This video is advertised for a wedding dance but it is perfect for beginners. If you think you cannot dance give this video a try." "This is a terrific DVD for non-dancers who want to look good for their wedding first dance, but dont have enough time to take dance classes. My new husband really could not dance at all, and I had never done any partner dancing. We could not fit actual dance classes into our schedules. We only spent a few hours going through this DVD, and we were able to put together a nice first dance for our wedding. We wont be winning any dance contests anytime soon, but our guests were impressed with our dance and even applauded a couple times. After watching this DVD, my husband was even able to teach his mother and brother some of the steps and got them to dance at our wedding reception. I highly recommend this DVD." "This DVD is excellent. My husband and I do not dance. He is 64 and I have no rythm. This video made us laugh, have fun and got us dancing. We are so much more comfortable now getting up to dance at a recednt wedding and have found ourselves grooving in our local pub. It really is a fun way for us to reconnect after having a our son 17 months ago. Now the whole family is watching us dance and have a blast. I wish we had this for our wedding.. We hugged and wobbled. ( not complaining) The teachers are a hoot and really seem to enjoy getting the dance message out.
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$59.95 • Free Shipping
Wedding Dance Instruction DVD • Your Wedding Dance easy classic slow dance
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