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Common misspelling: Beginner: Anfanger, debutant, principiante, beginer, begginer, begginner, bigginer, begineer, biginner, begener, biginer. Choreography: coreografia, choregraphie, Choreographie, coreography, choregraphy, choreograpy, chorography, cheorography, choreograghy, choreogrophy, corography, chreogrphy, choreogaphy, chorepgraphy, choreagray, chereography, choroegraphy, choragraphy, coriography, choreographies, choreographie, choreograhy, chroreography. Class: clase, classe, Klasse, calss, clas, classs, clases, clss, classe, cass. Couples: parejas, Paare, coppie. Dance: danza, danc, dane, Tanz, dnace, dence, dacne, dancen, dan, dande, dnaces, dancw, dacnce, fance, sanse. Instructional: instructivo, istruzione, Unterricht, instrucitonal, instuctional, insturctional, intructional, instruciotnal, instructinal, instrcutional, instrutional, insitutional, instructioanl, instrucational, instructiona, instrucional, instructinoal, instructural, istructional, insructional, instucational, instructioal, isntructional. Intermediate: intermedio, intermediaire, Zwischen, intermidiate, intermidate, intermediat, intemediate, imtermediate, intermedaite, intermedate, intermadiate, inermediate, intermdiate, intermeidate, intermediation, intermmediate, itermidiate, ntermediate, intermediet, intermdediate, intermiediate, intermeddiate, instermediate. Latin: lation, latino, Latein, larin, laten, laton. Lesson: leccion, lezione, lecon, Lektion, lession, leason, leson, lessson, leasson, lesso, leeson, lessoon, lesoon. Movement: movimiento, movimento, mouvement, Bewegung, movment, movemnt, movemnet, movenment, mouvement, movemtn, govement. Nightclub: discotheque, Nachtclub, niteclub, nihgtclub, nightclob. Partnering: partenariat, parterning, partering, parternering, parnering, partnerning. Performance: rendimiento, Leistung, preformance, performace, perfomance, peformance, perfromance, proformance, performence, perofrmance. Rhythm: Rhythmus, rythme, ritmo, rythm, rythem, rythym, rhythem, rythmn, rythum, rhythym, rhytm, rythme, rhthym, rhythmn, rhyhtm. Routines: routeens, routins, rootines, routenze Salsa: salse, sals, sala, salza, sallsa. Student: estudiante, studente, etudiant, Schuler, studnet, stduent, studetn, studen, sudent, stuent, studnt, sutdent, stundent, studenst, studant, studet. Video: vidoe, vidio, viedo, vido, vedio, vidieo, videio, vid, vdieo, vedeo, ideo.

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Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Flute mixed with Forest and Water
Bamboo Flute mixed with Rainforest
Bamboo Flute mixed with Sunset
Bamboo Flute mixed with Thunderstorm
Bamboo Flute mixed with Wind Chimes
Crickets mixed with Forest and Water
Crickets mixed with Lake
Crickets mixed with Lily Pond
Crickets mixed with Rainforest
Crickets mixed with Songbirds
Crickets mixed with Sunset
Crickets mixed with Swamp
Crickets mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Wind and Surf
Fireplace mixed with Wolf Calls
Forest and Water
Forest and Water mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest and Water mixed with Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing
Forest Clearing mixed with Bamboo Flute
Forest Clearing mixed with Crickets
Forest Clearing mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing mixed with Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Wind Chimes
Lily Pond
Lily Pond mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lily Pond mixed with Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream
Mountain Stream mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream mixed with Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves - Songbirds
Ocean Waves - Thunderstorm
Ocean Waves - Tropical Rainforest
Ocean Waves - Whale Songs
Ocean Waves mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves mixed with Wind Chimes
Rain Shower
Rain Shower mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Rain Shower mixed with Wind Chimes
Songbirds - Forest and Water
Songbirds - Rain Shower
Songbirds - Tropical Rainforest
Songbirds - Whale Songs
Songbirds mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Songbirds mixed with Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Wind Chimes
Swamp - Sunset - Rain Shower - Mountain Stream
Swamp mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Swamp mixed with Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest - Whale Songs
Tropical Rainforest - Ocean Waves - Lily Pond - Songbirds
Tropical Rainforest - Wolf Calls
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Wind Chimes
Tubular Wind Chimes
Whale Songs
Wind and Ocean Surf
Wind and Ocean Surf - Ocean Waves
Wind and Ocean Surf - Thunderstorm
Wind and Ocean Surf - Tropical Rainforest
Wind and Ocean Surf - Wolf Calls
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls - Wind and Ocean Surf - Whale Songs - Thunderstorm
Wolf Calls
Wolf Calls mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls mixed with Wind Chimes
• Salsa Dance Lessons Instruction DVD

Dance Like a Star Salsa Lessons
Neil, Nataliya
Introduction to the salsa: It's always the salsa dancers who steal the show in every discoteque. Every part of them swings, from their hips and hands to their feet. Everything is hot and spicy. It is the ultimate Latin dance that unites every Latin American rhythm. Originating in Africa, it grew into a fantastically popular dance at the end of the 20th century. Challenging and high-spirited. Dare to show who you are. Dance the salsa! Includes: 1) Introduction to the salsa dancing couple. 2) Dancing for beginners: Here the first steps of the salsa are explained. 3) Salsa Supplementary step 1 (bronze): In bronze, different variations of salsa steps are examined in more depth. 4) Salsa Supplementary step 2 (silver): In silver, the salsa is expanded even further. More variations of steps and turns. 5) Salsa Supplementary step 3 (gold): Different variations of the salsa are explained. 6) Salsa Special dance: Neil and Nataliya show how the salsa is danced in dancing competitions. 60 mins. (2006)
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Salsa Dance DVD • Dance Like a Star Salsa Lessons

Hot and Spicy Salsa for Beginners
Shawn Trautman
If you're ready to learn the basics of Salsa this DVD is for you. Hot and Spicy Salsa offers instruction that burns up the floor for an hour and a half. No experience is necessary. With a strong focus on Lead and Follow Dancing, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn the Salsa when the instruction is well thought out and presented in ways that is easy to absorb. Filmed in HD and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-In-Picture technology, you won't want to miss how easy this dance can be with the right instructors. Shawn Trautman has been a coach and mentor to numerous World Champions as well as countless social dancers since the early 1990's. Shawn welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size, or ability to his classes. His broad experience in both dance and Advanced Learning Techniques makes his methods of instruction innovative, easy, and fun. If you're ready to learn and have fun, Shawn Trautman's Learn To Dance Series is the way to go. Order Hot and Spicy Salsa today, and be ready to dance by next weekend! 90 mins. (2005)
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$39.95 • Free Shipping
Salsa Dance DVD • Hot and Spicy Salsa for Beginners

Learn to Dance Salsa Vol 1 for Beginners
Beginner Salsa
Never danced? No problem! Join us on the dance floor with this fantastic 2 hour salsa dance DVD. The instruction is clear and concise. The productions values are stellar, and the quality is amazing. Yes, you will be salsa dancing, with your partners, by the end of this video! It's a step-by-step approach, tailored and refined by teaching thousands upon thousands of students how to dance salsa. This video covers the very basic steps, the foundation of leading and following, and a couple of nice salsa patterns. This stellar 2 hour DVD provides everything you need to know to get yourself dancing! Purchase it today, and be dancing tomorrow. Extras Include: Interview of Salsa History; Outakes, Bonus Footage; Extra Practice. 120 mins. (2004)
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$39.95 • Free Shipping
Salsa Dance DVD • Learn to Dance Salsa Vol 1 for Beginners

Salsa Dance Workout
The passion, excitement, and rhythm of salsa dance mixed with an exhilarating and fun workout, SalsaCrazy presents, for the first time ever, your favorite dance workout, a Salsa Dance Workout! This is it, the ultimate mix of dance and fitness with fun salsa, dance workout. There’s no dance experience and no partner required. In fact, you’ll learn all the fantastic dance moves, and have them broken down step by step, before we dance them to music. With world class salsa music from Benny Velaverde and Anthony Blea, and real salsa dance moves, this fun and energetic DVD will quickly become your favorite workout. Designed so that everyone can experience the benefits of a great workout while learning how to salsa dance. This two-hour DVD has a great stretching and warm-up session, followed by breakdowns of both beginning and intermediate salsa dance moves that are then danced to some of the finest salsa dance music in the world. All this, and you’ll be ready to hit the nightlife scene too, because you’ll be learning real salsa dance moves, not some generic aerobic workout danced to Latin music. This is the real thing and the real deal. 120 mins. (2007)
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Salsa Dance DVD • Salsa Dance Workout

Salsa Fusion Magic In Movement
Maryam Askaar
The work of dancer Maryam Askaar combines both salsa and belly-dancing techniques to form a unique style known as Salsa Fusion. Here, Askaar presents an instructional program designed to teach viewers at home how to follow in her footsteps. Unusually, the music Askaar dances to comes from a live band, which creates an appropriately frantic atmosphere as the talented instructor guides students through their first steps on the road to becoming an expert in Salsa Fusion. 81 mins. (2006)
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$29.95 • Free Shipping
Salsa Dance DVD • Salsa Fusion Magic In Movement

Salsa Salsa
Elder Sanchez
Elder Sanchez is acknowledged as one of the finest Salsa instructors in Europe. In this DVD he introduces the complete beginner to the basic Salsa step, the principles of dancing as a couple and the first Salsa turns. This program, designed for the home student, demonstrates his exciting and sensual style of dancing. So whether you're a complete beginner or you already have the basics, Salsa Salsa will help you develop your technique. 40 mins. (2007)
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$29.95 • Free Shipping
Salsa Dance DVD • Salsa Salsa

Sensual Salsa
Elder Sanchez
Elder Sanchez, Europe's leading Salsa instructor, brings you this Salsa Dance instruction program featuring the music of El Gran Combo, the world's greatest Salsa band. Practice your basic Salsa steps with Elder. Learn the intermediate turns. Put it all together in the advanced routines that Elder will teach you. Designed for students who want to learn in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace, this DVD will help you learn your own sensual style of Salsa.
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$29.95 • Free Shipping
Salsa Dance DVD • Sensual Salsa
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