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Common misspelling: Beginner: Anfanger, debutant, principiante, beginer, begginer, begginner, bigginer, begineer, biginner, begener, biginer. Broadway: brodway, braodway, boradway, boadway, broaday, broadwat. Choreography: coreografia, choregraphie, Choreographie, coreography, choregraphy, choreograpy, chorography, cheorography, choreograghy, choreogrophy, corography, chreogrphy, choreogaphy, chorepgraphy, choreagray, chereography, choroegraphy, choragraphy, coriography, choreographies, choreographie, choreograhy, chroreography. Class: clase, classe, Klasse, calss, clas, classs, clases, clss, classe, cass. Dance: danza, danc, dane, Tanz, dnace, dence, dacne, dancen, dan, dande, dnaces, dancw, dacnce, fance, sanse. Instructional: instructivo, istruzione, Unterricht, instrucitonal, instuctional, insturctional, intructional, instruciotnal, instructinal, instrcutional, instrutional, insitutional, instructioanl, instrucational, instructiona, instrucional, instructinoal, instructural, istructional, insructional, instucational, instructioal, isntructional. Intermediate: intermedio, intermediaire, Zwischen, intermidiate, intermidate, intermediat, intemediate, imtermediate, intermedaite, intermedate, intermadiate, inermediate, intermdiate, intermeidate, intermediation, intermmediate, itermidiate, ntermediate, intermediet, intermdediate, intermiediate, intermeddiate, instermediate. Jazz: jaz, jass, jaza,jazzz. Lesson: leccion, lezione, lecon, Lektion, lession, leason, leson, lessson, leasson, lesso, leeson, lessoon, lesoon. Modern: moderno, moderne, mordern, modren, mondern, moder, moden, morden, moderen, moderm, moddern, mdern. Movement: movimiento, movimento, mouvement, Bewegung, movment, movemnt, movemnet, movenment, mouvement, movemtn, govement. Partnering: partenariat, parterning, partering, parternering, parnering, partnerning. Performance: rendimiento, Leistung, preformance, performace, perfomance, peformance, perfromance, proformance, performence, perofrmance. Routines: routeens, routins, rootines, routenze Student: estudiante, studente, etudiant, Schuler, studnet, stduent, studetn, studen, sudent, stuent, studnt, sutdent, stundent, studenst, studant, studet. Teacher: profesor, Lehrer, professeur, insegnante, techer, teaher, teahcer, theacher, tacher, teache, teatcher, taecher, tecaher, treacher, teacer, teacehr, teached, teracher, eacher. Video: vidoe, vidio, viedo, vido, vedio, vidieo, videio, vid, vdieo, vedeo, ideo.

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Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Flute mixed with Forest and Water
Bamboo Flute mixed with Rainforest
Bamboo Flute mixed with Sunset
Bamboo Flute mixed with Thunderstorm
Bamboo Flute mixed with Wind Chimes
Crickets mixed with Forest and Water
Crickets mixed with Lake
Crickets mixed with Lily Pond
Crickets mixed with Rainforest
Crickets mixed with Songbirds
Crickets mixed with Sunset
Crickets mixed with Swamp
Crickets mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Wind and Surf
Fireplace mixed with Wolf Calls
Forest and Water
Forest and Water mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest and Water mixed with Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing
Forest Clearing mixed with Bamboo Flute
Forest Clearing mixed with Crickets
Forest Clearing mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing mixed with Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Wind Chimes
Lily Pond
Lily Pond mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lily Pond mixed with Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream
Mountain Stream mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream mixed with Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves - Songbirds
Ocean Waves - Thunderstorm
Ocean Waves - Tropical Rainforest
Ocean Waves - Whale Songs
Ocean Waves mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves mixed with Wind Chimes
Rain Shower
Rain Shower mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Rain Shower mixed with Wind Chimes
Songbirds - Forest and Water
Songbirds - Rain Shower
Songbirds - Tropical Rainforest
Songbirds - Whale Songs
Songbirds mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Songbirds mixed with Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Wind Chimes
Swamp - Sunset - Rain Shower - Mountain Stream
Swamp mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Swamp mixed with Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest - Whale Songs
Tropical Rainforest - Ocean Waves - Lily Pond - Songbirds
Tropical Rainforest - Wolf Calls
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Wind Chimes
Tubular Wind Chimes
Whale Songs
Wind and Ocean Surf
Wind and Ocean Surf - Ocean Waves
Wind and Ocean Surf - Thunderstorm
Wind and Ocean Surf - Tropical Rainforest
Wind and Ocean Surf - Wolf Calls
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls - Wind and Ocean Surf - Whale Songs - Thunderstorm
Wolf Calls
Wolf Calls mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls mixed with Wind Chimes
• Modern Dance Lessons Instruction DVD

Body Motion Modern Dance Workout Horton Technique
Katharina Worthington (Actor), Michelle Joyce (Director)
2 DISC SET - Level 1 and Level 2 - over 3 hours in length. Body Motion is a full body workout that uses Modern Dance techniques to sculpt, shape and tone your entire body. Taught by professional dancer and experienced teacher, Katharina Worthington, each class is designed to challenge you with Lester Horton dance technique. As your body becomes stronger you will notice a change in your muscle tone, your sense of balance, your physical endurance, your energy level, your coordination and your everyday posture. This multi-level series is appropriate for both newcomers to the dance as well as seasoned dancers. The moves in each exercise are carefully demonstrated and broken down for the beginner dancer while the progressive difficulty of Level 2 is designed with the more advanced dancer in mind. Both DVDs contain an Extended Practice Session that allows you to bypass the explanations for a non-stop workout. LEVEL 1 - introduces you to basic foundational movements that focus on contracting the abs and developing strength and control. LEVEL 2 - is for experienced dancers who are looking to fine tune their technique, enhance their balance and to continue their training. Level 2 is a similar structure to Level 1 but the exercises are modified to use more strength, balance, and flexibility. You will notice a change in your legs, arms, shoulders, buns and abs right away because each DVD is structured like a real dance class. Each class consists of: - warm up - flat backs exercises - squats - plies - tendues - lateral strengthening - deep floor stretches - balance study - traveling steps - combinations - cool down. "Overall I liked the beginners class and I was so tired that I only did the combination once which includes going to the floor and rising which is good for your abs. I wish the floor work had been more extensive as I love to stretch Would have loved to see more of hortons floor work especially in dvd 2. His floor work can be super challenging and fun." "Nothing ever beats taking class in person but for those of us who have difficulty or a lack of access to a good modern dance class, this DVD is a boon. I appreciate the different versions of the workout with as little or as much explanation as you prefer. I dont care about the music because I dont think I have ever attended a modern dance class where I liked the music anyway... tune it out or put something else on in the background: problem solved. I finally did Disc 2 and it kicked my butt. All the variations are good. The advanced tendu sequence is done at tempo and double-time, the stretch sequence includes some pilate-esque ab work that will work you and I really liked the advanced movement combination at the end. This is definitely better done on a wooden floor, BTW and where you have room to swing your arms, kick your legs etc and move across the floor. If she ever decided to do a follow-up DVD Id be all over it. Its always better to take class in person but if you cant, then something like this is really wonderful to have on hand." "I am a belly dancer, not a modern dancer, but I really enjoyed these DVDs. The technique is explained and demonstrated well, but once youre used to it, the chaptering allows you to do the workout straight through without listening to the directions every time. The fact that there are two DVDs gives you the option to progress." "I like this video a lot. You can see what the instructor is doing, things are broken down well, and there are a lot of nice menu options such as doing the exercise with and without the teachers commentary. It is a good workout. I will use it regularly.
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$49.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • Body Motion Modern Dance Workout Horton Technique

Lester Horton Technique Advanced Level
Ana Marie Forsythe (Actor), Marjorie B. Perces
Dance Spotlight presents the final documentation of the Lester Horton modern dance technique. "As an avid student of the Horton technique, I highly recommend this series of videos as a sequential demonstration of the technique from beginning to advanced. The "studies" can be combined to create long combinations or use them in short increments throughout a dance class.
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$49.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • Lester Horton Technique Advanced Level

Lester Horton Technique Intermediate Level
Ana Marie Forsythe (Actor), Marjorie B. Perces
Dance Spotlight presents the Intermediate level of the innovative dance training technique of Lester Horton for modern dancers, teachers and choreographers. "This documents material from the Horton syllabus (fortifications, hinges, balance studies, figure four and percussive stroke sequence). It is not intended to be a class to dance along with and not broken down as such although some technical aspects of the movements are explained. The demos are by professional dancers who have working with Horton or Ailley (not students from the Ailley school from the adv-beginner video) and I think their interpretations are really some of the best (and cleanest) I have seen. Most sequences have 2-3 dancers doing the pattern simultaneously in different directions so you get different views. The video also includes interviews with Perces and Forsythe about their experience with Horton and their project documenting his work. Several of the dancers also discuss why they were drawn to this technique. This would be very helpful for choreographers, teachers and dance historians--but maybe not as acessible if you are just getting started and want to dance along" "This DVD has exceeded my expectations in regards to content and quality. Im seeing tremendous results and improvement in myself as a dancer and the dancers in my class."
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$49.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • Lester Horton Technique Intermediate Level

Lester Horton Technique The Warm-Up
Ana Marie Forsythe (Actor), Marjorie B. Perces (Actor)
Lester Horton Technique: The Warm-Up is a unique program designed to prepare dancers for rehearsal and performance. "I got this DVD to get better in my modern dance class. If your school does Horton exercises and you want to see how they are done on your own time, this is great. It is a professional DVD presentation which first shows you a given exercise using several dancers at different angles to the camera, and then breaks the exercise down into the important things to note and keep in mind. It has good flow, so you can do the exercises as you watch them, which I do. I am glad I got it." "Im a dance instructor and bought this video because I was interested in incorporating Horton concepts and exercises into my jazz warm-up. This is an excellent introduction to the Horton Technique, the video goes through the exercises of the Horton warm-up from a variety of angles then gives specific technical information on how the exercises are to be performed. The pacing is great. The video begins with a brief introduction to the history and philosophy of the technique and its founder and ends with a Horton Family Tree that lists all of the influential dancers and choreographers (Bella Lewitsky, Merce Cunningham, Alvin Ailey) who were trained in Horton technique and were able to use it in their varied styles. I recommend this video to anyone interested in a highly adaptable technique that emphasizes anatomically corrective movement and the expansion of the expressive capabilities of the body." "Handy video, especially for teachers who would like to incorporate Horton excersises in their modern classes."
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$44.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • Lester Horton Technique The Warm-Up

The Dance Technique of Lester Horton An Advanced Beginners Class
Ana Marie Forsythe
The first video class that teaches the legendary Lester Horton technique. This Advanced Beginners class was created to show how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class. The class is based on the book "The Dance Technique of Lester Horton" by Marjorie Perces, Ana Marie Forsythe and Cheryl Bell. The class contains: THE WARM UP with Ana Marie Forsythe, Round Over and Round Up, Flat Back Series, Primitive Squat Descent and Ascent, Lateral Stretches, Release Swing Series, Fortification #1, Prelude #1, Twists with Open Egyptian Arms, Leg Swings, Leg Swings with Stag Position Balance, Preparation for Deep Forward Lunges, Coccyx Balance, IMPROVISATION with Marjorie Perces, CENTER FLOOR work with Ana Marie Forsythe, Lateral T Study, PROGRESSIONS: Side Hip Pull, Side Hip Pull with Figure 4 Turn, Side Hip Pull with Figure 4 Turn and Lateral T Balance, Single Foot Arch Springs, Single Foot Arch Springs with Stag Jump, Fortification #14. All of the dancers in the DVD are graduates or former students in the Ailey School-Fordham University BFA program. Running time: 90 minutes. "I have been a dance teacher for 30 years and have studied many forms of dance and many methods. I wanted to give my students an idea of how modern dance was developed and this is the perfect tool. I am anxious to start using the exercises from the Lester Horton methods with them and know they have learned a historic part of the modern dance revolution." "This is a good DVD. I am always looking for ways to challenge my body, and at the same time learn new dance technique as well. I am intrigued by Hortons Technique because it encourages full range of motion with the body. And it is challenging. The DVD is 90minutes. It is an actual class. There are several dancers that are from the Aileys dance company that are taking the class. I feel the teachers were very thorough with making sure that they were clear in what they wanted the dancers to do and they were very good at demonstrating how they wanted things to be done, by using other dancers that had the correct form of the technique. If you have never done Hortons Technique (like me) I recommend purchasing The Warm Up before this DVD. Because they take more time in explaining the different moves." "This DVD works great for me. If you dont have time to go to a regular advanced beginners class in the week, this is great for your home. Very challenging for me." "If you are not a professional dancer but you have a little technique, this is the right thing. I like it.. Yay.
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$49.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • The Dance Technique of Lester Horton An Advanced Beginners Class

The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique
Erick Hawkins (Actor), Renata Celichowska (Director)
Volume I: Principles and Floor Warm Up, together with its companion DVD, The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique.Volume II: Movement Patterns and Aesthetic Applications. Gives viewers the rare opportunity to share a master class with Erick Hawkins as he teaches, rehearses and dances with his company. Although following a form that is related to ballet and modern dance, Hawkins focus on mental attitude and emphasis sets his approach apart from any other dance technique. Volume I includes: bounces and loops (for discovering the bodys center), contraction and decontraction, rhythm and pulse, fourth position, creases and boomerangs, rocking the pelvis, figure eights, arching, psoas stretch, leg lifts, chalkline, and more. Historical and contemporary footage and narration. Volume II builds on the principles introduced in Volume I. It explores plies, tendues, weight shifts, tassel arms, and movement combinations. Constantly emphasizing the body-mind connection, company members demonstrate each principle with simple exercises that develop into full choreographic phrases. Includes historical and contemporary footage and narration.
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$89.95 • Free Shipping
Modern Dance DVD • The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique
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