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• Krump Dance Lessons Instruction DVD

Hip-Hop Habit 5
Janet Roston
Janet Roston returns with four new, unique hip-hop combos that will get you in the hottest groove ever! Janet invites two of L.A.’s top hip-hop choreographers, Brad and Bosco, to share their moves with you. The result? Four fresh combos each with their own style! Janet teaches two combos; one an intermediate-advanced urban routine. The other, Hip-hop with a Latin edge! Bosco presents a combo that’s quick and tight with a feel that’s pure music video. Brad brings you the latest L.A. trend, Clowning and Krumpin’. You’ve seen it in music videos and commercials, now learn this outrageous style. Finally, Janet shows you how to combine the four routines into non-stop choreography that will blow the roof off your studio or performance! 2 full hours of slammin’ moves! 120 mins.
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Krump Clowning Dance DVD • Hip-Hop Habit 5

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