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Free Shipping on Learn to Dance, Exercise, Sports Instructional DVD Videos. Dancing lesson for children and adults, Beginners, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level. Choreography for students and teachers. Popular dancing moves, Night Club, Social Dancing, Events, Weddings, Classical Ballet lessons, Modern Lyrical Dance Movement, Ballroom, Breakdancing, Bellydance, Cajun-Zydeco, Popping Locking Breaking, Clogging and Flatfoot, Line Dancing, Two-Step, Partnering, Exotic Dancer, Lap Dancing, Flamenco, Hip-Hop Street Moves, Dance Team Cheer, Pom Pom, Hula Dance, Tahitian, Stretching, Irish Dance, Jazz Movement, Kids Creativity, Krumping, Lindy Hop, MultiCultural, Musical Theatre, Oldies 50s 60s 70s 80s, Persian, Square Dancing, Tap, Slow Romantic Dance, Fast Club Dances, Couples, Latin

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 • Dance Moves
Night Club
Social Dancing
Special Events
Wedding Dance
Classical Ballet
Modern Movements
Popping Locking
Line Dance
Lap Dance
Hip Hop
Street Moves
Dance Team
Pom Pom
Irish Dance
Jazz Movement
Kids Creative
Lindy Hop
Musical Theatre
Square Dancing
Slow Dance
Fast Dance

Learn to dance at your own pace with easy to follow instructional videos

Dance Lesson on DVD
Video Instruction
Dance Lessons:
    •   Beginner
    •   Intermediate
    •   Advanced

Student - Teacher
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• Nature Sounds on CD
Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Flute mixed with Forest and Water
Bamboo Flute mixed with Rainforest
Bamboo Flute mixed with Sunset
Bamboo Flute mixed with Thunderstorm
Bamboo Flute mixed with Wind Chimes
Crickets mixed with Forest and Water
Crickets mixed with Lake
Crickets mixed with Lily Pond
Crickets mixed with Rainforest
Crickets mixed with Songbirds
Crickets mixed with Sunset
Crickets mixed with Swamp
Crickets mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Thunderstorm
Fireplace mixed with Wind and Surf
Fireplace mixed with Wolf Calls
Forest and Water
Forest and Water mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest and Water mixed with Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing
Forest Clearing mixed with Bamboo Flute
Forest Clearing mixed with Crickets
Forest Clearing mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Forest Clearing mixed with Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lake mixed with Wind Chimes
Lily Pond
Lily Pond mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Lily Pond mixed with Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream
Mountain Stream mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Mountain Stream mixed with Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves - Songbirds
Ocean Waves - Thunderstorm
Ocean Waves - Tropical Rainforest
Ocean Waves - Whale Songs
Ocean Waves mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Ocean Waves mixed with Wind Chimes
Rain Shower
Rain Shower mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Rain Shower mixed with Wind Chimes
Songbirds - Forest and Water
Songbirds - Rain Shower
Songbirds - Tropical Rainforest
Songbirds - Whale Songs
Songbirds mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Songbirds mixed with Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Sunset mixed with Wind Chimes
Swamp - Sunset - Rain Shower - Mountain Stream
Swamp mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Swamp mixed with Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Thunderstorm mixed with Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest - Whale Songs
Tropical Rainforest - Ocean Waves - Lily Pond - Songbirds
Tropical Rainforest - Wolf Calls
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Tropical Rainforest mixed with Wind Chimes
Tubular Wind Chimes
Whale Songs
Wind and Ocean Surf
Wind and Ocean Surf - Ocean Waves
Wind and Ocean Surf - Thunderstorm
Wind and Ocean Surf - Tropical Rainforest
Wind and Ocean Surf - Wolf Calls
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wind and Ocean Surf mixed with Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls - Wind and Ocean Surf - Whale Songs - Thunderstorm
Wolf Calls
Wolf Calls mixed with Tubular Wind Chimes
Wolf Calls mixed with Wind Chimes
 • Dance Lessons Instruction on DVD
 Ballet  Ballroom-Latin  Bellydance  Break Dance  Cajun-Zydeco
 Clogging  Country  Dance Fitness  Dance Team  Disco
 Exotic  Flamenco  Hip Hop  Hula  Irish
 Jazz  Kids  Krump  Lindy Hop  Modern
 Multicultural  Musical Theater  Oldies  Persian  Salsa
 Seniors  Social  Square Dance  Swing  Tap
 Wedding & Party  Listing of Dance Studios  Ballet Dance Class Music
 Ballet Dictionary  Ballet Performance Videos  Broadway Musicals

 • Exercise and Workout Instruction DVD
 Aerobic Fitness  Aquatic Exercise  Budokon  Fitness Ball  Indoor Cycling
 Jump Rope  Karate  Kick Boxing  Pilates  Pre & PostNatal
 Recovery  Step Aerobics  Stretching  Tai Chi  Tone & Firm
 Walking  Weight Training  Yoga

 • Sports Instruction DVD
 Baseball  Basketball  Bowling  Boxing  Cheerleading
 Fly Fishing  Football  Golf  Gymnastics  Ice Skating
 Inline Skating  Kayaking  Racquetball  Self Defense  Skateboarding
 Snowboarding  Soccer  Softball  Surfing  Table Tennis
 Tennis  Volleyball  Wakeboarding  Wrestling

 • Music Instruction on DVD
 Accordion  AutoHarp  Banjo  Clarinet  Dobro
 Drums-Perc  Dulcimer  Fiddle-Violin  Flute  Harmonica
 Keyboards-Piano  Mandolin  Recording-Mixing  Saxophone  Steel Guitar
 Trumpet  Ukulele  Vocals

 • Guitar Instruction
 12 String  Beginner  Bluegrass  Blues  Classical
 Country  Effects  Electric Bass  Flamenco  Jazz
 Lead-Solo  Maintenance  Rock  Rockabilly  Rhythm
 Scales-Modes  Slide  Upright Bass

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 • Dance History
  Dance History
  Ballet History
  Modern Dance History
  Hip Hop History
  Jazz Dance History
  Tap Dance History
  Swing Dance History
  Ballroom History
  Hula History
  Latin Dance History
  Cajun Dance History
  Clogging History
  Flamenco History
  Irish Dance History
  Krump History
  Lindy Hop History
  Persian Dance History
  Salsa Dance History
  Square Dance History

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