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Free Shipping on learn how to dance DVD videos. Dancing lesson for children and adults, beginners, intermediate level, advanced level. Choreography for students and teachers. Popular dancing moves, night club, social dancing for events or weddings and classical ballet lessons. Also modern lyrical dance movement plus ballroom and latin lessons, breakdancing for kids, bellydance erotic and exotic, and Cajun-Zydeco. Street moves like popping locking and breaking, traditional clogging and flatfoot, country line dancing two-step. We offer dance lessons for partnering, lap dancing, flamenco, hip-hop street moves, dance team cheer and pom pom. Other categories are hula and tahitian, stretching plus warmup, Irish set dance, jazz movement, kids creativity, krumping, lindy hop, multicultural, musical theatre, oldies 50s 60s 70s 80s, Persian, square dancing, tap, slow romantic dance, fast club dances, and instruction for couples.

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Learn to dance at your own pace with easy to follow instructional videos

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Ballet Lessons DVD
Ballet for Boys with Richard Glasstone • Ballet Boot Camp Stretch • Tinkerbell Dance Studio: Learn Ballet Step-by-Step • From Tights to Tutus: Beginner Ballet • Art of Pointework: Finis Jhung Ballet Technique • Barrework: Finis Jhung Ballet Technique • Centerwork: Finis Jhung Ballet Technique • Centerwork on Turns & Jumps: Finis Jhung Ballet Technique • Visual Dictionary Ballet For Children • Ballet with Style • Simply Ballet • Ballet 101 - A Beginner's Class • Ballet 201 - Beyond the Basics • Bob Rizzo's Turns, Leaps & Bounds • Bob Rizzo's All That Dance • Ballet Class for Beginners with David Howard • To the Pointe • Budding Ballerinas - Pre-School • First Pointe Shoes
Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons DVD
Ballroom Dancing for the Absolute Beginners • Learn to Dance with John & Charlotte • May I Have This Dance - Great Instruction Video & Music CD • Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler • Discover Ballroom Dance • Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler • Ballroom Dancing Basics • Do You Want To Dance • Intro to Ballroom Dancing • Beginner Cha-Cha • Slow Dance for All Occasions • Ballroom Dancing for Beginners • Ballroom Dancing Intermediate • Ballroom Dancing Advanced • You Can Dance Foxtrot • You Can Dance Waltz • You Can Dance Nightclub • Invitation to Dance: Ballroom Video & CD • Discover Latin Dance • Latin Dancing for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced • More

Bellydance Lessons DVD
Egyptian Belly Dancing For Beginners • Belly Dancing with Jacqueline Chapman • Bellydance for Fitness and Health with Kelli Marie • BellyDance Fitness for Beginners: Daily Quickies 10 Minute Workouts • My Personal Trainer: Bellydance Fitness with Rania • Divas of Dance • Learn to Bellydance with Rania • Bellydance for Romance with Jayna • Bellydance Performance Ensemble with Suhaila • Bellydance Body for Beginners with Suhaila • Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss with Rania: Too Hip • Bellydance Fitness Fusion with Suhaila: Jazz • Bellydance for Wimps • Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss • Bellydance Divas • Art of Male Belly Dancing • More
Break Dance Lessons DVD
Breakdance: Completely Street • How to Break Dance Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 • How to Break Dance Volume 1 & 2 Soundtrack CD • How to Break Dance Volume 3 & 4 Soundtrack CD • Broadway Dance Center: Breaking Foundations • Wildstyle with Wil Power: Learn to Breakdance • Breakdance Step By Step Video 2-Pack • Infamous: FlaveRuen Breakdance Style Element Crew • Floor Lords - Flava Squad Breakdance • Bob Rizzo's Hip Hop Fuzion • More
Windmill, Hand Spin, Six Step, Up Rock, Wave, Glide, Popping, Kip Ups, Valdez, Swipes, Double Legged Swipes, Knee Drop and Combinations

Cajun - Zydeco Dance Lessons DVD
Louisiana Dance Home School • Gotta Dance - Cajun Style • Zydeco Dance from A to Z
Zydeco Dance instruction - beginning, intermediate and advanced (14 moves); Waltz Dance instruction - beginning and intermediate lessons; and Line Dance Zydeco Cha Cha. Also included, over 18 moves and 60 minutes of dance instruction, many lead and follow tips, and a reference chart to quickly locate moves. Zydeco moves include: Review of Zydeco Basic Step, Louisiana Floating Slide, Alternating Opens, Double Rock Step, Partner Toss, Zydeco Salsa, Flip Out, 180's, 1/4 Turn Bump, Follow Spin Bump, Side By Side, Inside Turn, Twist & Tap, and Hand Toss Cajun. Waltz
Clogging Dance Lessons DVD
Beginner Clogging • Intermediate Clogging • Advanced Clogging • Clogging Dance Routines - Classics • Flatfoot I • Flatfoot II • Beginner Buck • Intermediate and Advanced Buck • 50 Hot Buck Steps • Waltz Clogging • A Cappella - Basic Clogging • A Cappella - Intermediate and Advanced Clogging • How I Teach Clogging Video and Manual
The basic fundamentals are are crucial to develop before moving on to more advanced tapes.Constant shuffling of the "floor" foot is stressed and taught. This is one of the major characteristics that distinguishes clogging from tap dancing.

Country Dance Lessons DVD
Line Dance 101: A Quick Start to Line Dancing • Essential Line Dances Volume 1, 2 • Smokin' Line Dances Volume 1, 2 • Invitation to Dance: Line Dancing - Video & CD • Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Line Dancing • Christy Lane's Line Dancing Music CD • Hot Country Dancing for Couples • Country Western Dance Sampler • Two-Step for Beginners Vol. 1, 2 • Two-Step for Intermediate Dancers • Country Dancing for Beginners • Country Dancing Intermediate • Country Dancing Advanced • Invitation to Dance: Partner Dancing - Video & CD • Workin' Out to Country Aerobics
Dance Fitness Lessons DVD
Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance • SELF - Dance Your Way Slim • Rock Your Body Workout with Jamie King • Dance for Weightloss • Denise Austin: Fat-Burning Dance Mix • Hip Hop Dance Workout: Street Dance with Nekea Brown • Elle Glam Fitness - Complete Cardio • Prevention: Dance Yourself Thin • Trainers Edge - Fiesta Fitness Dance • Prevention: Dance It Off • True2Form Latin Grooves: Latin Dance Workout • Salsa Dance Workout • Dance Remix with Patrick Goudeau • Dance Fitness for Beginners: Daily Quickies 10 Minute Workouts • African Grace: West African Dance for Cardio with Debra Bono • Dance Moves with Patrick Goudeau • Dance Fitness for Beginners

Dance Team Lessons DVD
Cheerdance Workout • Cheer Like a Pro - Cheeracise • West Coast Cool: Dances & Pom Sidelines • Competition Choreography • Dances for Drill and Dance Teams • Dances for Dance Teams • Principles of Choreography
If you are a member of a school drill team, then this is for you. Fresh, exciting dances especially for drill teams, dance teams and large groups of dancers. Features jazz-funk, precision and lyrical routines.
Disco Dance Lessons DVD
Hustle for Beginners: Retro Hustle, Disco Style • Molly & Roni's Dance Party 1970's Disco Mania • Ultimate Emergency Dance Lessons
Learn all of the best dances from the 1970s with Molly and Roni, Hollywood's "Dance Teachers to the Stars!" Join Molly & Roni, along with celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday) and Adam Baldwin (Independence Day & Firefly) and get your groove on! Molly & Roni take you back in time for a 1970s Disco Mania dance lesson! Have Fun while learning all the coolest dance moves from the 70s with Molly and Roni

Exotic Dance Lessons DVD
Exotic Dance for You Vol. 1 • Strip To It: Bump n' Grind Striptease • Striptease Series: Dance Moves & Floorwork • Striptease Series: Lapdancing & Entertaining Your Man • The Art of Exotic Dancing Core Moves For Everyday Women • The Art of Exotic Dancing - Develop Your Routine • The Art of Exotic Dancing - Chair Dancing • Striptease for Real Women • Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy • Carmen Electra - Aerobic Striptease • Carmen Electra - Fit to Strip • Carmen Electra - Advanced Aerobic Striptease • Carmen Electra - Lap Dance & Hip Hop • Striptease Series: Male Exotic Dancing
Flamenco Dance Lessons DVD
Flamenco for Beginners • Learn Flamenco • Learn Flamenco II - Gypsy Tango • Fuego! • Masters of Flamenco: Early Television Concerts • Gypsy Heart: The Heart and Soul of Flamenco Dancing
You will learn how to do colorful, technical moves that comprise the Flamenco dance. This includes: "Compass" the rhythm or rhythmic measure of the music; "El Macro" marking with a specific dance movement to the Compas; "Floreo" expressing and marking dance movement with hands and fingers to the rhythmic measure; "Llamada" a call or sign for the singer or guitarist to enter into the mix of the number; "Brazeo Compas" circular, diagonal, lateral and vertical arm movement

Hip Hop Dance Lessons DVD
Blake McGrath: Dance Driven Hip Hop and More • Hip Hop Dance Workout: Street Dance with Nekea Brown • Make it Happen: A Hip Hop Dance • Broadway Dance Center: Hip Hop Funk • How to Dance Like a Pop Star • Learn Hip-Hop Step-by-Step • Kidz Hip Hop Jam • Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop Music CD • Dance Like We Do With Cris Judd & Eddie Garcia • Urban Beat: Hip-Hop Workout • Reggaeton: Latin Hip-Hop Workout • Learn the Hip Hop Grooves • Darrin's Dance Grooves • Breakin' It Down with Laurie Ann Gibson • Let's Hop Hop with Seth Stewart • Dee's Hip Hop For Killer Curves
Hula Dance Lessons DVD
Hula for Everyone - Your Complete Hula Lesson • Hula for Children • Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Tahitian Cardio • Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Tahitian Hip Hop • Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Hula - Abs & Buns • Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Cardio Hula • Hula Workout for Beginners • Hula for Weight Loss
Now you can learn to do the Hula with these easy step-by-step lessons. Each basic step is taught with music, which conditions the dancer to feel the rhythm from the beginning.

Irish Dance Lessons DVD
Colin Dunne - Celtic Feet • Jean Butler's Irish Dance Masterclass • Irish Set Dancing Made Easy Vol. 1 • Irish Set Dancing Made Easy Vol. 2 • Irish Set Dancing Made Easy Vol. 3 • Sets & Solos Vol. 3 Irish Music CD • Ragus - A Unique Irish Experience • Riverdance: The Best of Riverdance
Pat Murphy, Betty Mc Coy, Padraig & Roisin McEneaney, Tony Ryan, Aidan Vaughan, John Henchy, Eileen O'Doherty, Terry Moylan, Johnny Morrissey and many more. Fantastic reels, slip-jigs, jigs and hornpipes, as well as traditional Irish set-dances.
Jazz Dance Lessons DVD
Broadway Dance Center: Lyrical Jazz • Broadway Dance Center: Takes on Theater Dance • Broadway Dance Center: Turns & Turn Combos • Strictly Jazz • Jazz Beats Hip Music CD • Broadway Dance Center: Jazz for Beginner to Advanced Beginner • Broadway Dance Center: Latin Jazz Dance and Intro to Partnering • Broadway Dance Center: Street Jazz • Tinkerbell Dance Studio: Learn Jazz Step-by-Step • Solo Dances for Recitals and Competitions • Phunky Jazz with Bob Rizzo • Bob Rizzo's Jazz it Up • Inspired by Broadway • Bob Rizzo's Dance Tricks • Lyrical Jazz

Kids Exercise, Sports and Dance Lessons DVD
The Better Golf Academy presents Better Golf for Kids • Body Mechanics the Movie + DVD Game • From Tights to Tutus: Beginner Ballet for Children • Broadway Dance Center: Creative Movement for 3 & 4 Year Olds • Hip Hop 4 Kids with Cat • Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults • Aerobo Cop: Super Hero of Fitness • Fit Kids Classroom Workout • Sesame Street's Happy Healthy Monsters • DJ Dizzy's Dance Hizzy • Hip Hop for Kids Pop! Lock! and Break • Denise Austin's Fit Kids - A Fun Kids Workout • Magic Fundamentals: For Kids • Teaching Kids How to Play Tennis • More
Krump Dance Lessons DVD
Krump 1.0 Instructional • Krump 2.0 Instructional • Shake City 101: Krump Dance • Breakin vs Krumpin
Krump is all about self-expression and once you have the proper foundation, there is no limit to the directions you can take your creativity. The breakdowns and instructional segments are fun, full of excitement and easy to follow. The session takes a turn when the crew gets into their battle for real! Watch as Tight Eyez battles Jr. Rude then calls out Jr. Eyez for slacking off. The whole crew is so pumped up, everyone begins to battle.

Lindy Hop Dance Lessons DVD
Learn to Dance Lindy Hop Vol. 1 • Learn to Dance Lindy Hop Vol. 2 • Learn to Dance Lindy Hop Vol. 3 • Learn to Dance The Shim Sham • How to Jive & Rock 'n Roll
Hosted and taught by internationally renowned dancers Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens, this series captures the essence of the Swing Era dances. Manning was instrumental in the development of the Lindy Hop at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem during the '30s. In this video, learn introductory level Savoy Style Lindy Hop, the original style of swing later called Jitterbug. Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens dance each move at normal speed, then follow with detailed instructions, and finally slow motion.
Modern Dance Lessons DVD
Live At Broadway Dance Center - The Complete Assaf Warm-Up with Michele Assaf • Broadway Dance Center: Turns & Turn Combos with Michele Assaf • Dance Technique of Lester Horton: Guide for Teaching an Advanced Beginners Class • Lester Horton Technique - The Warm-Up • Lester Horton Technique - Intermediate Level • Lester Horton Technique - Advanced Level • Principles of Choreography • Turns, Leaps and Tricks • Dancing In The Light • Denishawn Dances On • Denishawn: The Birth of Modern Dance • Competition Choreography
Perfect for dance students, beginner through advanced. Dance teachers will find this guide a must.

MultiCultural Dance Lessons DVD
Multicultural Folk Dance: DVD Video, Audio, Guide - Volume 1, 2 • Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA • Grupo Corpo Brazilian Dance Theatre • African Healing Dance - Wyoma
Each of the dances is taught by a native of the country from which the dance originated or by an expert in that particular dance form. Wearing traditional costume, these teachers instruct the dance and then the dance is demonstrated by a group. Use this video in combination with the companion guide and quality music to learn about, experience and appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures
Musical Theater Dance Lessons DVD
The Anthology of Staging and Formations • Inspired by Broadway • Broadway Dance Center: Takes on Theater Dance • Inspired by Songs of the Silver Screen • Musical Theatre Dance • Principles of Choreography
Learn about important parts of composition and staging, such as canon, level change, feature dancers and soloists, lines right and left, lifts, formations, and endings. Over 50 demos in slow motion demonstrate staging techniques from solos to huge production numbers

Oldies Dance Lessons DVD
Molly & Roni's Dance Party! 1950's Sock Hop • Molly & Roni's Dance Party! 1970's Disco Mania • Learn the Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's • Christy Lane Funky Freestyle Dancing • More Funky Freestyle Dancing (Dances from the '90s) • How to Jive & Rock 'n Roll
1950's: Swing, Stroll, Madison, Bunny Hop, Conga and Hand Jive. 1960's: Twist, Jerk, Monkey, Pony, Swim, Mashed Potato, Skate, Hitchhiker, Egyptian, Shimmy, Temptation Walk and Locomotion. A great collection of dances you can do any time, no matter what your age or ability level are...
Persian Dance Lessons DVD
Instructional Classical Persian Dance: Level I • Instructional Classical Persian Dance: Level II
Persian style of dancing, with emphasis on posture, position and movement of the arms and hands, and rhythmic foot patterns. This condensed program consists of 10 different steps, broken down to be easily practiced in sections. Those steps are then put into a choreographed sequence, with counts. The program ends with a staged performance of the choreography by three Shahrzad Dance Academy dancers in full costume

Salsa Dance Lessons DVD
Salsa, Salsa with Elder Sanchez • Sensual Salsa With Elder Sanchez • Dance Movement: Salsa and Latin Styling • Salsa Dance Workout • Dance Like a Star: Salsa Lessons • Hot & Spicy Salsa for Beginners • Salsa Caliente • Learn to Dance Salsa, Vol. 1. for Beginners • Learn to Dance Salsa, Vol. 2. for Beginners • Learn to Dance Salsa, Vol. 3. for Beginners • Learn To Dance Salsa Vol. 1 Intermediate • Learn To Dance Salsa Vol. 2 Intermediate • Let's Dance Salsa Beginning Lessons 1 • Let's Dance Salsa Beginning Lessons 2 • Let's Dance Salsa Intermediate Lessons • Let's Dance Salsa Advanced & Expert Combinations • Let's Dance Salsa Team Dancing • Salsa Fusion
Seniors Exercise and Dance Lessons DVD
Fabulous Forever: Easy Strength • Fabulous Forever: Easy Stretch • Fabulous Forever: Easy Aerobics • Women's Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis: BoneJuvenate • Pain Free Workout Series Vol. 1 • Pain Free Workout Series Vol. 2 • Fresh Start Collection • More Than Stretch: For Older Adults and Seniors • Carol Argo's The Anti-Aging Method • Skeletal Fitness • Lilias! AM & PM Yoga Workouts for Seniors • Gentle Fitness • Gentle Tai Chi • Move Those Joints • Line Dancing for Health • Facial Workout: Because the Muscles Don't End at the Neck • Senior Splash

Social Dance Lessons DVD
The Art of Baroque Dance: Folies d'Espagne from Page to Stage • Dancetime! Vol. 1: The 15th to 19th Centuries • Dancetime! Vol. 2: The 20th Century • How to Dance Through Time Vol. 1: The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couple Dances • How to Dance Through Time Vol. II: Dances of the Ragtime Era: 1910-1920 • How to Dance Through Time Vol. III: The Majesty of Renaissance Dance • How to Dance Through Time Vol. IV: The Elegance of Baroque Social Dance • How to Dance Through Time Vol. V: Victorian Era Couple Dances • How to Dance Through Time Vol. VI: A 19th Century Ball: The Charm of Group Dances • America Dances! 1897-1948
Square Dance Lessons DVD
Square Dancing Today • Square Dancing Today CD
Get ready, it's time to join the old with the new and learn Square Dancing as it is danced today! From fancy fiddlin' to high energy techno, this video will introduce you to the basic square dance calls and moves. Follow along as professional square dance caller Pat Carnathan and his group of dancers teach you the calls step-by-step and then perform the movements to great songs. The accompanying CD for the Square Dancing Today video has 10 songs in all. The five songs from the video are done twice each - once with cues, and once without, so you can call as slow or as fast as you want, based on the dancers' ability level

Swing Dance Lessons DVD
Swing Dancing for Beginners Vol. 1 • Swing Dancing for Beginners Vol. 2 • Swing Dancing for Intermediate Dancers Vol. 1 • Swing Dancing with Teresa Mason • Swing Dance Volume 1 • Let's Dance Swing • Simply Swing • Learn to Swing Dance • Learn to Dance in Minutes: Swing • Invitation to Dance: Swing Dance! - Video & CD • You Can Dance Swing
History of the dances, how to do Slow Steps, Rock Steps, and Triple Steps, what the footwork is for both leaders and followers, how to properly use the four connection points specifically for Swing, and how to go from one dance position to another to another, seamlessly.
Tap Dance Lessons DVD
Tap Dances for Recitals and Competitions • Advanced Tap Technique • Hi-NRG Tap with Gregg Russell • Broadway Dance Center: Tapdance Tap... Tap...BOOM! with Jared Grimes • Tapology with Marsha Pitt • Bob Rizzo's Full Metal Tap • Total Tap with Gregg Russell • Bob Rizzo's Tap Remixed • Tap Blast • Percussive Tap • Hoofin' with Mike Minery • Bob Rizzo's Simply Tap • Bob Rizzo's Broadway Rhythm Tap • Bob Rizzo's Tappin' Across the Floor • Bob Rizzo's Funky Rhythm Tap • Charles Kelley's Tap Classics 2-Video Set • Dance New York - Tap with Alan Onickel • More

Wedding and Party Dance Lessons DVD
Ultimate Emergency Dance Lessons • Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler • Slow Dance for All Occasions • Party Line Dances • Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler • Ultimate Line Dancing • Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Party Dancing • Learn to Dance in Minutes: Party Dancing • You Can Dance Nightclub • Wedding Dances • Invitation to Dance: Wedding Dance - Video & CD • Buff Brides: Count Down to Gown
Foxtrot, Modern Waltz, Rock and Roll, Disco, Salsa, Viennese Waltz, Chachacha, Tango and Merengue.

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