Dance Lesson DVD

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Simple and easy or more advanced moves. Dancing lessons for toddlers, children, teenagers, young and older adults.
Classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced level dance students.
Choreography for students and teachers.
Learn to dance at home - popular dancing moves, night club, social dancing for events or weddings and classical ballet lessons.
Also modern lyrical dance movement plus ballroom and latin class lessons, breakdancing for kids, bellydance erotic and exotic, and Cajun-Zydeco.
Street moves like popping locking and breaking, traditional clogging and flatfoot, country line dancing two-step.
We offer dance lessons for partnering, lap dancing, flamenco, hip-hop street moves, dance team cheer and pom pom.
Other categories are hula and tahitian, stretching plus warmup, Irish set dance, jazz movement, kids creativity, krumping, lindy hop, multicultural, musical theatre, oldies and retro 50s 60s 70s 80s, Persian, square dancing, tap, slow romantic dance, fast club dances, and class instruction videos for couples.

  • Dancing Instruction on DVD. Ballet, Ballroom, BellyDance, HipHop, Cajun Zydeco, Clogging, Country, Dance Fitness, Dance Team, Disco, Exotic, Flamenco, Hula, Irish, Jazz, Kids, Lindy Hop, Modern, Multicultural, Musical Theater, Oldies, Salsa, Seniors, Social, Square, Swing, Tap, Wedding

    Dancing Instruction on DVD

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  • Exercise Instruction on DVD. Aerobics, Aquatics, Indoor Cycling, Jump Rope, Karate, Kickboxing, Pilates, Prenatal Postnatal, Recovery, Stretching, Tai Chi, Tone Firm, Walking, Weight Training, Yoga

    Exercise Instruction on DVD

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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced

  • Sports Training on DVD. Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Fly Fishing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Inline Skating, Kayaking, Racquetball, Self Defense, Surfing, Table Tennis, Tennis, Wakeboard, Wrestling

    Sports Instruction on DVD

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  • Music Instrument Lessons. Guitar, AutoHarp, Banjo, Clarinet, Dobro, Bass Guitar, Fiddle, Flute, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano Keyboards, Saxophone, Steel Guitar, Trumpet, Ukulele, Vocal

    Music Instrument Lessons

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Nature Sounds

A large selection of soothing relaxation sounds used to mask annoying background sounds, as a sleep aid, or to help relieve ringing in the ears caused by Tinnitus.

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Nature Sounds Soothing Relaxation CD. Bamboo Flute, Blue Noise, Brown Noise, Cascade Of Water, Cicada Chorus 1, Cicada Chorus 2, Crickets, Dolphins, Fireplace, Forest And Water, Forest Clearing, Grey Noise, Gurgling Water, Jet Cabin, Jet Cabin - Low Range, Jet Cabin - Mid Range, Katydids Crickets, Lake, Lily Pond, Mountain Stream, Ocean Waves, Orca, Pink Noise, Pink Noise White Noise Sweeps, Rain Shower, Small Waterfall, Songbirds, Sunset, Swamp, Thunderstorm, Tree Frogs, Tropical Rainforest, Tubular Wind Chimes, Violet Noise, Waterfall, Whale Songs, White Noise, Wind, Wind And Ocean Surf, Wind Chimes, Wolf Calls